A Note about Fundraising and Player Expenses...

Chandler National Little League is a non-profit, community-based, 100 % volunteer run organization.  We rely heavily on the engagement from the community, and our sponsors.  In partnership with our sponsors, we strive to enhance the quality of our Little League baseball experience by providing fun, interesting activities that help create a quality environment committed to building  character, responsibility, and sportsmanship in the youth of our community.  We provide co-ed programs that allow participation regardless of physical ability or financial situation.

CNLL plans to have the following types of fundraising events for our teams.  Because all teams benefit from the funds that are raised, the league requires each team to participate in the fundraising activities:

Team Sponsorship. All teams are required to provide at least one $300 sponsor.  There is an option for a 'partial' sponsorship if no single sponsor can be found, but the minimum total team sponsorship is $300. If a team cannot, or chooses not to find a team sponsor, then the team can sponsor themselves by sharing the $300 cost.  All teams benefit from the sponsorships, so we ask that each team share in the responsibility of recruiting sponsors.

Raffle Tickets. This is not a fundraiser for the league.  The raffle tickets provide a way for the players to offset the cost of playing baseball.  Each player is issued raffle tickets whose value equals their registration cost. Any funds they raise by selling the raffle tickets are theirs to keep.  The raffle drawing takes place during the Opening Day Ceremony.  The raffle prizes are: 1st Place - $1500.00, 2nd Place - $600.00, and 3rd Place - $400.00 .

Jamboree Silent Auction Basket.  During the mid-season Jamboree event, a silent auction is held.  Each team is required to put together a silent auction basket.  They may solicit donated items from local businesses, or provide the items themselves.  The baskets can be a fun way for teams to compete off the baseball diamond by trying to assemble a basket that will generate the most money compared to their peers.  The league rewards the winning baskets.

ASU Baseball Day.  CNLL has partnered with ASU Baseball this year. ASU provides CNLL families with a unique opportunity for our Little League players to see their predecessors who have gone on to play baseball at the college level.  Little Leaguers will get to go onto the field before the game, and participate in a "meet and greet" with some of the ASU players and coaches.

Chevy Raffle Tickets. This is a fundraiser that can benefit the league, each individual team, and the person who purchases the tickets. Chevrolet supports youth sports leagues all over the country with this program.  Each ticket sold contains discounts on service items at Chevy's regional car dealership, or a discount on a purchased vehicle.  The raffle grand prize is a brand new car.  A team manager in our league won the car in 2010.

The teams can also benefit from this fundraiser.  Each player is issued 5 raffle tickets, which sell for $5 each.  The first $200 raised by each team goes back to the league.  Teams get to keep any additional funds, which can then be used for team expenses, a post-season party, trophies, etc.  Any unsold raffle tickets must be returned.

Special Fundraising Events. CNLL tries to find sponsorship opportunities that also offer a fun event for the participants, and/or a discount when making purchases.  With these fundraising events, the sponsor of the event sends a check to CNLL, and CNLL families get a discount on things they would likely buy anyway!  Examples include:

  • Discount nights at a local restaurant, an ice cream shop, etc.
  • Special league only shopping days at a sporting goods store, in which league shoppers get a 15% bonus discount, in addition to 10% discount coupons.

 The special fundraising events are optional events.  Watch the "Fundraising Events" page on our web site for upcoming events.  There will be several throughout the season.

 League-level Sponsors.  League sponsors provide equipment and funding that is vital to the league's success.  For example, practice balls and equipment are donated items.  The prizes at the home run derby are also donated by a league sponsor.


Frequently Asked Questions 

My team cannot find a sponsor.  Why are we required to self-sponsor?  All teams benefit from the sponsorship funds in terms of their Little League baseball experience, etc., so all teams should actively recruit a sponsor.  The reality is that some teams do not actively recruit a sponsor, so self-sponsoring allows them an option to participate in CNLL without having to find a sponsor.  Many businesses are willing to sponsor Little League because it is a non-profit, but they just need to be asked to do so.

Why so much fundraising?  Why not just increase registration fees for all?  As stated above, CNLL is a community-based, 100% volunteer run non-profit organization.  The sponsorship and other fundraising opportunities provide a way for the community to support the league and its mission.  The league tries to partner with our sponsors to provide fun activities for teams, players, and their families, while also raising funds for the league.  Simply raising registration fees would stifle the community-based nature of Little League, and may also prevent a young player from registering to play baseball.

Where does the money go?  Some of the fundraising dollars goes to offset the operating costs of the league, such as insurance, umpires, game light fees, field maintenance (chalk & equipment), baseball equipment (tees, catcher's gear, baseballs, etc.  For example, each season, the league goes through about 2,580 baseballs.  CNLL is also the only Little League to supply batting helmets to all of our Rookie and "A" division players.  Many of our players are able to use this helmet throughout their Little League experience.

CNLL does not own the fields at Snedigar Sports Complex.  It is owned by the City of Chandler.  However, the league also works with the city and invests fundraising dollars for improvement projects to the baseball facilities at Snedigar.  In recent years, the fundraising dollars have helped to:

  • Install permanent shade structures adjacent to Fields 7, 8, 9, & 10 for improved fan comfort.
  • Install foul poles and scoreboard aesthetics on Fields 7 & 8.
  • Replace portable backstops used on Fields D, E, F, & G.

The City of Chandler has also continued to invest in the baseball facilities at Snedigar.  In recent years, they have helped to:

  • Install the backstops and dugouts on Fields 9& 10.
  • Install the 'bullpen' and batting cage between Fields 7 & 8.
  • Re-sod the infields on Fields 7 & 8.

What is provided by the league for my registration fee? The league provides each player with a jersey, cap, league patch, league pin, pictures, and a helmet (in some cases), plus all of the team equipment, fields, and umpires necessary to play baseball.  It also organizes events such as the Opening Ceremony, Jamboree, Home Run Derby, and Postseason Tournaments.

What other costs should parents expect during the season?   Parents should expect the following potential expenses, some of which are optional:

  • Practice field and light fees.
  • Pants, belts, and socks to complete the uniform.  Teams can choose any coordinating color for these items.
  • Individual player equipment, including a glove, bat, protective cup, sliding shorts, any practice clothing, and an equipment bag.  Some older catchers may choose to purchase their own catcher's gear.
  • Pictures (if you select an upgrade package).
  • Trophies / medals.
  • Snacks.
  • Team celebration.
  • "Bling" for parents and families (optional).
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