If you have a question for Chandler National LL, please send an email to our Information Officer Steven Church

He will take the question, answer it and post it directly to our FAQ page.  If a parent/player has a question about our league, Little League rules, or maybe just wants to know where to find a map of the fields, more than likely there is another family with the same question. 

We want to make it our mission to help players and families have the best experience they can when it comes to Little League Baseball.  Just ask!!

League FAQs

Do I have to sell raffle tickets and what should I do with unsold raffle tickets if I do sell them?
Individuals will received a like amount of raffle tickets that match the registration fees. Those tickets may or may not be sold at the discretion of the individual. Generally speaking, if all tickets are sold, the child plays for free. Any unsold raffle tickets are yours to use. You may place them in the opening day raffle with your own contact information or family and friends.

Where are games and team practices?
All Baseball games, Majors and below will be played at Snedigar Sportsplex. Juniors will play games at the larger fields of the sportsplex and will also play at other league sites, such as Tempe Diablo. For Softball, CNLL is working with the Parks and Recreation from the City of Chandler to secure fields for games. Snedigar Sports Complex will be utilized when available and other options include Pima and Foley park. In addition, softball teams will travel to other cities such as Gilbert and Queen Creek to play other leagues.

Where are team practices?
Practice fields are determined by team managers.

I live in zip code 85XXX, can I register my child to play for CNLL?
Beginning Spring 2008, Chandler National Little League encompasses some, or all, of the following zip codes: 85225, 85248, 85249, and 85286. To determine your child's eligibility for baseball, please review the 2016 Boundary Map.

I live in a zip code outside the boundaries, can I still play for CNLL?

If your child has continually played in spring seasons for CNLL, and wishes to continue, the league may request a waiver exemption of the boundaries. This is also true for the child's sibling. If this is your child's first year of play, CNLL cannot request a waiver of boundaries. See any Board member to determine what Little League your child must register for play.

Is it true that all 12 year olds must play in Majors?
True. All 12 year olds, baseball and softball must be drafted or placed on a Major team. See below.

Can a parent request that their child not play in Majors?
Yes. If a parent/guardian does not feel their 12 year old child would enjoy playing in a competitive division or feel that there may be safety concerns, they may request to have their child eligible for the Baseball Minor AAA of Softball Minor Division. Per LL, the parent/guardian completes a waiver request form (available at any registration) and forwards to the Board of Directors for consideration. If approved, the Board of Directors will forward to the local District Administrator (DA) for a final decision. The DA has final approval or denial of the request and cannot be appealed.

Can I "bring" a team to CNLL?
Yes and no. Baseball Rookie and A Minor teams do not draft, therefore a manager may bring an entire team into the league provided the players meet boundary and age requirements; this is subject to our Player Agent and President's approval after registrations have been completed. While we make every effort to ensure players get to be with their friends and Managers, we also need to ensure balance in the teams. Managers may not "bring" a team into AA-Majors divisions. CNLL stresses the development of the individual child over the building of a dream team; players in these divisions go through a draft process. This keeps the playing field level and the league more competitive - every team has an equal chance to be good. This has been one of the keys to the success of CNLL.

As a manager can I protect my coaches child in the draft?
No. Per Little League, only Managers may protect their own child (or children).

Can I request a specific manager?
Yes, but only in the Baseball Rookie and A Minor divisions. Request should be made on the registration form. Although every attempt will be made to accommodate requests, the number of players, age balance and other factors influence the process; hence, no guarantees can be made.

Why does CNLL do background checks on all volunteers?
In order to protect the safety of our children CNLL processes all volunteers using a thorough background check (criminal and sex offender in all states).

Why can't players take warm-up swings outside of the dugout?
Over the years Little League has found that the likelihood for injuries to players is greatly reduced if players stay in the dugout.

Are helmet masks mandatory?
CNLL strongly recommends the use of masks, however, masks for helmets are at the discretion of the parents.

Why can't coaches warm-up pitchers?
Little League's position is that adults are here to teach the children and as such should have children warm-up pitchers. Rosters are not limited to nine players only and therefore should have additional players to warm-up a pitcher. This is a Little League International mandate for safety and liability for which CNLL will strictly adhere.

What is the rain/weather cancellation procedure?

Per Doug Brewster, CNLL President,

There is no great protocol to rain outs.   We will let you know as soon as we can if games are cancelled, a lot of the time it is a game time decision or it has to be called during the game. 
You CAN play in the rain as long as it is not bad; you CAN NOT play in lightening.
If you are not sure you can always call me 602-326-8049 or your DD
Thank you

No game should be considered canceled until you hear from someone at the league.  The league will use the normal communication channels (web site, email, phone) to notify the Division Directors, and then the managers.  Managers should be prepared to notify their teams, on short notice if necessary (phone tree, text message, email, etc.)

An attempt is usually made to reschedule canceled games, but there are no guarantees.

My 8-year-old player attended the optional tryouts.  How many 8-year-old players will make a AA team?

It's actually pretty rare that 8-year-olds can play up.  Most years, there is only 1 or 2, and those are coach's kids.  8-year-olds are only pulled up when the league needs a few more players to fill out a team.  It all depends on the number of kids that are in each age group.  Little League mandates two things: all 12-year-olds must play in the Majors division, and no more than 8 players on a team can be of any age on a team.  So, if an extra 12-year-old signs up, the league needs to add another team, which would then mean that some 11-year-olds get pulled up to a Majors team.  That trickles down to the other divisions too, meaning that if there are enough 11-year-olds who don't get pulled up to Majors in AAA, they may need to add another team and pull up 10-year-olds, and so on down the line...

Thus, the 8-year-old tryouts, which are optional, are more about giving your players some experience with the tryout process than they are about the slim opportunity that they are pulled up.  Are there 8-year-olds that are advanced enough to play in AA with 9 & 10-year-olds?  Sure, just as there are probably some 9-year-olds that would benefit from another season in the A division. 




I live in North/South Division, can I request my child to play in alternate division?
The ONLY way to play in the opposite division that you live in is with a school waiver.  If your child goes to school in the North boundaries and you live in the South boundaries, you may fill out a school waiver that must be signed by the school's principal or administrator.

Are 10 year olds eligible to be drafted into the Majors?
No. 10 year olds will only be eligible for Minors AAA and AA. Historically, 10 year olds have less success at the competitive Majors level, which leads to increased frustrations and may decrease their interest in the game. In the Minors AAA or AA, 10 year olds have greater opportunity to enhance and refine their skills and enjoy the overall Little League experience.

Is it true that all Majors teams will be redrafted?
True. All Majors teams are redrafted every year. Returning Major's players are guaranteed a Major's roster spot, but not necessarily on the same team. Following the mission of Little League, it is the goal to focus on the improvement of individual players rather than creating a dream team. Major's managers will draft accordingly for the season in which they have been appointed and thus avoiding the 'drafting for the future' and helps keep parody within the league.

What will happen if my child does not attend tryouts?
Players that do not participate in tryouts are restricted to which division they may play. 8 year olds may only play Intermediate, 9-10 only AA, 11 only AAA and 12 in Majors. PLEASE NOTE, if a 12 year old registers after the Draft Day, the child will be placed on a wait list and will only be placed on a Major's team when space is available (see Parent request above for Minor league consideration). In addition, players who do not complete a tryout may forfeit their eligibility for ALL-STAR consideration.

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